A big thanks to Bondi Beach Bodies Fitness!

We were able to get some amazing shots yesterday, but this was only through the use of Bondi Beach Bodies Fitness.

(And after the long shoot and a big clean up we forgot to sweep the floor! PLEASE FORGIVE US JEANNETTE!!)

Nate's Photos


We highly suggest if anyone lives in Bondi and wants a cool local friendly gym to train at, where everyone says hello, goodbye and are super friendly then you can’t go past the one and only BBBF. The owner is a multiple time world champion powerlifter and she provides quality personal training and just good old training advice if you ask her for it.

We casually train clients out of there and we highly recommend it.

Here are some shots of the gym:

The gym!

Another shot

Thanks Jeannette and Bondi Beach Bodies Fitness!!

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