Our Methods

Tailored training

At Eastside Fitness we believe that everyone is unique and thus should have a unique exercise and nutrition plan. Whilst there are principles that can be generally applied, each individual will respond differently to training, cardio, nutrition and supplements. This type of customisation gets applied to every client and is standard in our approach to Personal Training. Say no to generic exercise plans and come train with us!

Poliquin influenced training methods

Charles Poliquin is a world renowned strength coach with over 25 years of experience. His methods and training principles are well known within the Health & Fitness industry and trainers that utilise Poliquin techniques see an increase in results, in both the magnitude and the speed by which they are obtained. Eastside Fitness know the power of Poliquin principles and thus incorporate them when personalising exercise and nutrition plans. Nathan first achieved his Biosignature and PICP Level 1 in Chicago in 2006, and has been integrating them ever since.


How we work?

60% Nutrition
30% Exercise
10% Supplementation

If you workout twice a week, that is only 2 hours out of a total of 168 hours. Therefore it is easy to understand that having a healthy lifestyle and making the right food choices throughout the week is the real key to long-term success. Thus it goes without saying, that good nutrition is paramount. In spite of this simple fact, this approach is commonly over looked in most exercise regimes.

Supplementation also plays an important role. As an example if you currently have low stomach acidity, your digestive system lacks the ability to correctly digest and absorb your food, vitamins and minerals.

Thus to be a successful trainee there is a need for a plan that correctly encompasses all three components and all with the right amount of attention and know-how.

We understand these principles and thus are able to work with our clients to maximise their results.

Our systems


It may surprise you to hear that exercise alone is not the main determiner of a healthy, lean body. Even an extreme amount of exercise and calorie burning can be nullified by poor food choices. Furthermore knowing about good nutrition is not enough if you don’t have the self-awareness to carry it through to your everyday life. That is why we developed a lifestyle model that addressed all the components of a successful trainee.

Our “SENA” System, address all the collective components that are needed to get results and to keep them.

Each component is listed in order of importance –

  • Self-Awareness – The attention to one’s underlying drive and motivation.
  • Education – The education to make the best choices in all situations.
  • Nutrition – The best nutritional choices to fuel body, mind and health.
  • Activity – The best activity to maximise results.