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30 kg Fat Loss.. and still going..

I have worked in the Fitness industry for a long time and witnessed that many people state they want change, but most lack the guts and commitment. But every now and then you get someone that commits whole-heartedly, grinds it

Sleep Hacking: 1 simple way to dramatically increase your sleep quality!

Blue light from smart phones and computers can dramatically affect sleep quality, by effecting your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle). Thus using computers and smartphones in the evening, can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and your overall sleep quality. Here

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How many carbs should you consume?

Society loves to polarise carbs, some people love them, some people hate them. But the reality is if you want to get lean, carbs are one of the first things that you want to manipulate, if you go too low you will

Dr. Mark Hyman discussing cutting food addiction

In this video Dr. Mark Hyman briefly addresses how to cut food addiction. He opens by stating that sugar and food can light up your brain in the same ways that cocaine and heroin can. Looking at this, is it any wonder that so

An Update

Eastside Fitness with be going down to Tasmania to see our friends at PROTRAINING to engage in some training at their facility and to exchanging competition preparation strategies. We can’t wait. Be sure to check out our up & coming posts

Sugar: Is it as addictive as cocaine?

I often tout my concerns about the very big societal issue of frequent and high sugar consumption and I specifically wrote a post referring to how people’s brains have been hijacked. I want to continually draw attention to this issue, as I believe that it is one of

What’s in your trolley?

The trolley items on the left were from the Eastside Fitness food shop from this evening and the items on the right were from the lady in front of us. So let’s make a comparison of the two: The ideal shopping trolley for a

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7 reasons why a low-cost 24-hour gym isn’t for you!

It goes without saying that the most recent and dramatic change in the Health & Fitness sector in the past couple of years is the entry and saturation of the low-cost, low-service, 24-hour model gym model from which Jetts and Anytime

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Why being overweight makes you a bitch!

Ok now that I have got your attention, I will correct the title to: Why being overweight makes you a bitch (hormonally)! Increasing body fat levels are accompanied by increasing levels of aromatase, which means a hormonal shift to being comparatively more

Would you give your child cocaine?

The emotional, physical and psychological punch of sugar is commonly underestimated by lay people, yet on brain scans sugar lights up the brain just like cocaine. In a laboratory study where cocaine addicted rats were given the choice between sugar water or

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