30 kg Fat Loss.. and still going..

I have worked in the Fitness industry for a long time and witnessed that many people state they want change, but most lack the guts and commitment. But every now and then you get someone that commits whole-heartedly, grinds it out and you see magic happen and I never cease to get a huge buzz out of it. This is an extremely powerful processĀ if one chooses to stop making excuses and walk this path.

My second cousin Bryce, came to Sydney a year ago at around 114 kgs and contacted me and stated he wanted to make some changes. I told him I would help him out but whether he was my cousin or not, that if he wasted my time then I would never help him again. Years of being in the industry resulted in pretty strict boundaries and my pet hate is having my time wasted. So we discussed structure, psychology, habits, alcohol, life, food choices and I took him to the gym.

In the time since then, I have progressively watched this guy lose a jaw-dropping amount of weight. Literally he has shaved over 30 kgs off his frame bit by bit, over the course of 1 year. No stupid fads, no get ripped for summer crap, no calorie void starvation diets, just a good old fashioned life change, with exercise, healthy food and positive lifestyle choices.

Not only has he continually won my admiration but he has most certainly gained my respect. LET ME BE CLEAR: This guy didn’t have paid Personal Training sessions each week and he only recently hit up boot camp. Bryce is an example to us all and shows the amazing things that come from realizing our personal power (that we all have and the amazing things that can happen if we have the balls to dare and use it). Losing my shit (in a good way) over how damn good this guy is looking, awesome!

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