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10 Rookie Training Mistakes: Female Edition

10 Common Rookie Training Mistakes Females Make (in no particular order): 1. Choosing cardio as the foundation for your exercise Choosing cardio as the foundation denotes that you would be engaging in long duration cardio (that is most likely low

10 mistakes that are keeping you from your dream body

10 common mistakes that keep you from your dream body (in no particular order): 1. Training for more than an hour: After 1 hour of training, cortisol levels spike in a manner that results in an undesirable testosterone:cortisol ratio that

Why “bulking” is a bad idea!!!

Bulking shouldn’t mean getting fat!! Traditionally bodybuilders go through very distinct phases: bulking and dieting. Bulking usually consisted of an “any calorie is a good calorie” approach, where any increase in weight was a good one, with total disregard to

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Essential Supplements: Zinc

  There are certain supplements that repetitively present as being required by almost all clients and for that reason we have decided to put them into a series of posts explaining how and why they are beneficial. This Essential Supplements

Why long duration cardio as your only form of exercise is a waste of your time.

Come every spring there is a sudden emergence of morning joggers and most gym members will note that the cardio equipment is more heavily occupied. Even today, long after use of the internet became an everyday occurrence, the general public

Why TEMPO is important for your training

One common mistake that new trainees make is that they tend to rush their reps and in our experience tempo is the second greatest client issue after the correcting of movement execution. So what is tempo? When we talk about

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