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Poliquin Repost: The Importance of Proper Form

This is something we are always going on about at Eastside Fitness and as a result we have been referred to as “Form Nazis”. Form matters and form should always dictate load meaning if you cannot lift the weight with

Poliquin Repost: 40 Superfoods to Fight Stress and Lose Body Fat

Another great Poliquin Group post listing out 40 super foods! WARNING: This doesn’t mean you can go crazy eating a food just because it is on the list. Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean it is a free pass

Poliquin Repost: High Rep Movements For Hypertrophy?

This should help to answer why your trainer incorporates occasional high rep movements into your training. Post by Strength Sensei.  

Poliquin Tip: Use Overhead Squats as a Warm-up for Squats

This Poliquin Group post reminded me of one of my favourite ways to warmup for the squat: Overhead Squats! This squat variation will have you maintain a similar position to a front squat. This means a more upright movement allowing

Burning Fat: Eleven Myths and Facts

Since our other fat-loss post sparked a lot of interest, we thought we would share this post from Poliquin Group. It helps to breakdown some of the key components of training/dieting for fat-loss. When reading this, you should note how

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All-To-Common Nutrition Mistakes

We find these to be VERY common issues that ¬†are challenges towards healthy eating and fat loss: Eating foods that taste good but result in you feeling crappy systemically. Consuming “energy drinks”. Not reading EVERY food/ingredient label. Using medication to

Not so “functional” training

A good post by Poliquin on modern moronic training techniques that are gimmicky at best and plain dangerous at their worst. Post by Strength Sensei.

Poliquin: On how preparation methods affect the GI of potatoes and sweet potatoes

Anyone who has been to any of Charles’s workshops/courses will know that, well he is the man. When he speaks, people listen. Why? Because the guy has an astonishing amount of knowledge. This is a video of him talking about