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10 Rookie Training Mistakes: Female Edition

10 Common Rookie Training Mistakes Females Make (in no particular order): 1. Choosing cardio as the foundation for your exercise Choosing cardio as the foundation denotes that you would be engaging in long duration cardio (that is most likely low

PROTRAINING Repost: Squatting knees over toes

This is a repost of a good article that was written by my old work colleague: Michael Proessler over at PROTRAINING. It helps to de-mist some of the BS that is taught in the fitness industry by people that obviously

Not so “functional” training

A good post by Poliquin on modern moronic training techniques that are gimmicky at best and plain dangerous at their worst. Post by Strength Sensei.

Alcohol, Muscle and Body Fat article

Want a better understanding of why alcohol consumption should be kept to a minimum? Then check out this T-Nation post: Post by Testosterone Nation.