Don’t be fooled by so called “Health Food”


Those who have been following Eastside Fitness trainer Nathan Sturgess, will know that he recently competed in the WBFF Australia show from which he needed to carb up for. So he went and got some gluten free cereal to help him get the job done. It was this (not so) “health food” that prompted this article.

Exhibit item:


Lets take a critical look at this cereal:

  • It is in the Health Food section
  • It is Gluten Free
  • It has no artificial colours or flavours
  • And says low in fat

It would be easy for an ill-informed individual or parent to think that based on these points that this is a great choice for breakfast. Well it isn’t!

Gluten free is better then gluten but that aside it is a poor choice for breakfast (or any other meal). So why?

Of the average serve which is 35 grams it contains:

  • 30.2 grams of Carbohydrates (so 86% is carbs)
  • 10.4 grams of Sugars, so just under a 1/3 of this cereal is comprised of simple carbs.
  • And it doesn’t even state its fibre content, which hints that it is very low.

What this means is:

  1. A more pronounced effect on blood sugar levels
  2. Which then means more insulin is required to stabilise blood sugar levels
  3. Intern this means greater possibility for fat storage in your body

Furthermore insulin makes you lethargic so instead of firing you up in the morning, this will dull you down and make you sleepy and tired.

So what is a better choice? 

  1. Try eating a protein based breakfast like some steak or eggs with some nuts.
  2. If you can’t stomach meats etc in the morning opt for a slow digesting carb like oats (as long as you have no allergies to them).

Take home message:

  1. Learn to read food labels and decipher what makes a food heathy.
  2. Just because something is in the health food section doesn’t mean it is healthy.
  3. Don’t believe the hype!

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