“Energy drinks”: Don’t believe the hype

Energy Drinks

I am constantly flabbergasted when people believe that “energy drinks” give them energy. This is one of the most damaging misconceptions when it comes to food/beverage intake.

Lets look at what happens to the sugar from that “energy drink”:

1. Body takes in sugar which quickly enters the bloodstream.
2. Body senses rising blood sugar levels and releases insulin to regulate the blood sugar.
3. Insulin shuttles sugars in the muscles, liver or stores them as fat.

A big whack of insulin makes you very sleepy and your mind very doughy, which is the opposite of “energy”!. To counteract this you have the added caffeine to increase alertness.

Firstly if you are over weight, then you have enough “energy”! You are carrying all that stored energy as fat. So the energy drink is just going to make you fatter.

Secondly drink a coffee without sugar instead if you want caffeine and skip these fat promoting sugary drinks.

Red Bull doesn’t give you “energy” or “give you wings”, it is full of sugar and the only thing sugar gives you is a fat ass and gut.

Be informed. Don’t believe the hype.

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