How many carbs should you consume?

Photo of a lean mid-section

Society loves to polarise carbs, some people love them, some people hate them. But the reality is if you want to get lean, carbs are one of the first things that you want to manipulate, if you go too low you will be weak and zombie-like, too high and you won’t lean out and or worse you will accumulate fat.

At ESF we are not a proponent of consistently low carbs. Carbs play an important role in digestion, hormonal output and hypertrophy, that is why you want some in your diet. Thus the secret is: the right carbs, in the right amounts, at the right times (and not all every meal).

Whether putting muscle on, maintaining or leaning out, Carb volume should be a function of 4 things:

  1. How much body fat you currently have, more body fat = less carbs.
  2. How genetically carb tolerant you are. Better carb tolerance = more carbs.
  3. The amount and type of activity that you do. If you work an office job and don’t exercise, you will need substantially less carbs then a construction site worker that weight-trains 3-times a week
  4. Your goals: eg. Fat loss mean less carbs.

Teaching our clients about the correct amount of carbs for their lifestyle and genetics is key to their success. Understanding these 4 points and how to apply them to your life, will be the key to yours.

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