I wanted to say thanks.


Tomorrow I complete and maybe I won’t even get a call out, but that’s not why I did this. I have been pretty shredded numerous times before but at 35 years of age, I wanted to have a crack and get in the best condition of my life and on that regard I am successful.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is to thank the people who have supported me.

1. Sasha: Firstly and foremost I would like to thank Sasha for her unrelenting support. Only people who have been really shredded will understand just how shitty and depleted you can feel during this process. She has helped with meals, general support and more than anything put up with a very grumpy, flat and snappy version of me. Thanks for your smile, the laughs and your positive & encouraging attitude (which most of the time was a good thing ;).

2. Chris: My old training partner, sounding board and anchor that has helped ground me when I was getting a little stressed and thinking about messing with the plan that I laid out at the beginning of this process. I can’t express how much I love having this guy in my life – thanks for the never-ending training, diet, competition, supplement conversations and of course for keeping it real.

3. Des: My high school friend and also an old training partner – Des got me into training when I was 19 and training has gone on to shape so much if my life and personality. Furthermore he never ever bats an eye lid when we are out and I say I need to have a meal. This guy will hang up on you when you call from overseas and the conversation starts to cut into his training time – that’s pure commitment, as you got to do what you got to do to get into tip-top condition. He has provided a good ear to chat to over this whole process, he knows what I am going through, what is required and that always helps.

4. Everyone else:

  • Jonny P. has always been positive and supportive.
  • Jim & Jeanette are always super supportive and know what’s going on.
  • Matty B. for spotting me some supplements when I ran out and need to reorder.
  • Some of my work colleagues have been really accommodating.
  • Anyone that has given me encouragement along the way.
  • Last but in no way least: My family for all the help in all areas of my life.

Thanks you guys all know who you are.

All the best and much love,


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