Is a damaged metabolism, keeping you fat?

This is a very important article that EVERYONE should read!

Over the course of my time as a trainer, I have seen many individuals who present as eating very little yet being overweight and in general people don’t understand how you can eat so little yet get fat. The reality is when this is the case, as person’s body is in starvation mode and is trying to preserve itself, aka it has metabolic damage. Changing this mindset is difficult, as the client is already fat and yet is instructed that they need to eat more, something which from a naive standpoint seems counterintuitive. Furthermore whilst the client’s metabolism adjusts they might initially put on weight which just freaks most people out.

People need to understand that eating is like dropping water for a comp – weeks out from the comp you give your body plenty of water and it doesn’t hold onto. With food you give your body enough calories and your metabolism will be sped up by this process. Give it too little calories over the medium to longterm and it will shut your metabolism down, as it aims to preserve itself.

I went looking for an article on “Metabolic Damage” and came up with this article from T-Nation which tackles the topic well:

Metabolic Damage

I suggest everyone have a read.

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