Nate’s Competition Prep Diet – Part 1

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NOTE: This was designed specifically for Nate – So following this is not going to magically make you lean out.

Here are some take home messages that you should note (and can apply to your own diet):

  • Low GI carbs were eaten, except for around training
  • Consistent protein throughout the day
  • 6 meals a day
  • Diet is based on real food (not shakes and bars etc)
  • Carbs were eaten around training as to be beneficial for recovery and limited when not training, as to be beneficial for fat loss.

For Nate’s competition his diet was revised 3 times. This first part was a fairly conservative approach, which had carbs restricted to 25% of total calories AND also saw carbs pushed around training, these provide some useful tricks in one’s fat-loss tool kit.

The diet was based on Nate’s data:

  • Male 35 yo
  • 83 kgs
  • 12 % BF
  • Exercising everyday
  • 15% calorie deficit

Macronutrient Ratios:

  • 35% Fat
  • 40% Protein
  • 25% Carbs


  • AM session after the first meal (main session)
  • PM session was a light session (Calves, Abs, Ext Rotators)

1. Estimated Calories:

Estimated Calories

Total weekly Carbs: 1183.7gThis data was then used to work out total weekly carbs and these were redistributed over training days:

  • Total weekly Fats: 736.4g

Calories were then spread over days, in a manner that keeps carbs around training and then switches to fats at other times:

  • Non-Training days have a total 50 grams of carbs , 165g of Fats and 270g of Protein.
  • Training days have the first 4 meals having carbs and an intra-training shake, where the final meals then run low carbs and switch over to fats.

2. Desired Calorie Structure:

Desired Macros

3. Actual training-day calories constructed from meal plan (ignore order):

Actual Calories

4. Actual training-day meal plans:

TD – Meal 1:

Meal 1

TD – Intra-Training:


TD – Meal 2:

Meal 2

 TD – Meal 3 :

Meal 3

TD – Meal 4:

Meal 4

TD – Meal 5:

Meal 5

TD – Meal 6:

Meal 6

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