Our client’s results from 3 weeks of training

After seeing Sasha’s competition pics this client was so excited that she signed up for a 20 pack of personal training sessions.

These are the results Sasha has helped her achieved in only 3 weeks:

Eastside Fitness Client Comparison Photo

Eastside Fitness Client Comparison Photo

This client was very typical of what we find with new female clients, being that her metabolism was severely shut down due to under-eating. When she did actually eat, she made poor choices and usually ate carb laden meals.

Lifestyle before:

  • Rarely eating breakfast
  • Often skipping lunch
  • Drinking coffee instead of eating meals
  • Choosing protein shakes over solid meals
  • Doing long duration, low intensity running for cardio
  • Frequent consumption of hard liquor

We actually suspected with the increase in food that they client might initially put on weight, which is fairly typical until their metabolism adjusts. But this wasn’t the case, she has actually been steadily losing fat and is very happy that her work uniform is becoming looser and baggy.

Lifestyle change to:

  • Weight training 3 times a week
  • 6 meals a day, based on protein and green vegetables
  • Restricted alcohol consumption
  • Set cheat meals as a reward for commitment and hard-work.

Supplementation:  As the client tested high on the Hamstring, Quad and Tricep skinfolds, she has been undergoing an Estrogen protocol to detox and to help reestablish a healthier estrogen balance. Looking at the family’s genetics there will be a genetic component to this, but the frequent vodka consumption has a role to play in this also. To fix the estrogen issues the current supplements of choice for her are: DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate. They are being cycled to limit her bodies ability to desensitise itself to them.

Dieting:  She is yet to do any specific and hard dieting, instead she has just been provided with food and shopping guidelines.

Cardio: Only one session thus far. Though we are about to start giving her some HI outdoor cardio to supplement her weight training.

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