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Nathan Sturgess

Fitness & Health has being a major and important component in Nathan’s life since he first started training over 15 years ago. Shortly after starting training Nathan sought employment in a gym before then going on to complete his Cert 4 in Fitness in 2003. Since this time Nathan has trained hundreds of clients in Sydney, nationally and abroad. Nathan specialises in indoor gym training, knowing that true body composition changes are based on a foundation of resistance training. Nathan’s extensive reading, course work, research and experience provide a plethora of tools that empower clients to get results quickly.

Nathan believes that if you like your trainer too much, then he probably isn’t training you hard enough.

Nathan is currently in co-development of an application that will better help facilitate client-trainer communication, enable trainers to better track their clients and ultimately increase client compliance and success.

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Sasha Diaz

Having originally obtained a Bachelor of Journalism, Sasha previously worked for a local television station in Barcelona, Spain.  Her journey into Health & Fitness started in 2007 when she decided to see a Personal Trainer at her local gym, the result was that she fell in love with resistance training. Following on from the knowledge that she learned from her Personal Trainer, Sasha engaged in years of self-education before finally deciding to become a certified personal trainer herself. The next stage came when she finally decided to compete in a the INBA Bikini devision in 2013, which resulted in her gaining a place even though she was completing against competitors that were on average 14 years her junior. The outcome from which can clearly be seen in her competition pictures.

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