Sasha before she started weight training

I think it is easy for non-training people or new clients to see a trainer or an individual in good condition and to write it off as being ‘good genetics’ or that maybe that they were just born that way. The reality is very few people are born in the condition that we see, instead this is the result of continual effort.  So in the name of client comparisons we thought we would dig up a photo of Sasha from just before she started weight training. PLEASE NOTE: The picture on the left was taken at age 28 and the picture on the right was taken just before her 35th birthday, which approximates to slightly over a 6.5 year period.

Sasha before and after weights

Sasha’s lifestyle before weights (the picture on the left):

  • A vegetarian, eating carb laden meals
  • Frequent cardio with absolutely no resistance training
  • Eating very infrequently
  • Consuming large amounts of coffee
  • Taking over the counter “fat burners” to try to lose weight

I think this is a general summary of how many female clients present to us (less the vegetarian part) . Their body is in a state where it has been under fed over a long period, whilst being hit with periods of eating poor quality food. Most of these new clients initially believe that cardio is the solution to their problems and think that weights will make then look like a man. Basically this is all backwards and is the reason why Sasha’s body was far from its peak. The result from her lifestyle choices was a very shut down metabolism, which actually promoted fat storage.  We refer to her former body state in the industry as being “skinny fat”, meaning that she had a poor amount of muscle mass that was accompanied with a higher than desired amount of body fat. Whilst she was still quite a small female, she was essentially soft and flabby to touch.

So lets take a look her lifestyle now (picture on the right):

  • 6 meals a day
  • Weights based training with very infrequent HIT cardio sessions (most year round she won’t do cardio).
  • Protein based meals
  • Only taking fat burners in the last few weeks before a competition

We think the pictures speak themselves and shows that with correct training and nutrition not only can you get a more toned and aesthetic body but also that you can help slow down the ageing process. Anyone can do this, it just requires their commitment and input.

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