The Fitness Australia Fallacy !


Let's Cut the Bullshit

For the Personal Trainers out there, I suspect that many of you may be misled about the ‘requirement’ that you need to be registered with Fitness Australia to be insured, but do you know that this is a fallacy? Fitness Australia is a private organisation not a government agency and has no legal right to make your register with them. Furthermore there are other insurance agencies that will give you the same level of cover for less and without needing to do costly short courses to obtain the CEC points. The result being that you get the same cover for less and instead of doing BS courses, you can actually go and study something that will contribute to your career as a trainer eg. like a Poliquin Certification.

So more on Fitness Australia: Whilst they have been supposedly leading the charge to push for better standards with in the industry, anyone who has been involved with the fitness industry for more than a decade will know that whilst the volume of Personal Trainers has dramatically increased over this period, the overall quality has seriously decreased.  Droves of people are being cookie cut with short courses and in 3 months miraculously turned into ‘qualified’ personal trainers. So it should not be a shock that I and many other seasoned vets share the view, that their presence has actually been a very negative one.

So lets have a look at costs as of 7th of July 2014:

Fitness Australia Costs:

  • 2 years Membership for Exercise Professional: $250
  • Professional Indemnity $5 million Public/Products Liability $10 Million insurance for 2 years: $192.50
  • 20 CEC Points: A few hundred at the very least depending on how you go about selecting your courses. Cheapest Option:

  • Professional Indemnity $5 million Public/Products Liability $10 Million insurance for 2 years: $293.86

Plus for the BizCover, if you are a PT business then you can register multiple trainers for about the same money (off memory).

BizCover Options

Be informed. Know your options,


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