Training 101: Want to train but don’t know where do you start?

Training 101

Many people want to train, but don’t know where to start! Furthermore maybe they are not interested in seeing a personal trainer, or can’t afford to. Either way we believe that people should have access to good information that is taught in a palatable way. Yes there is a lot of good info out there, but from our research people find it to be either overly complicated or two overly simplistic. So after years of watching new members do Lat Pulldowns¬†to their crotch¬†and seeing members abusing partial range movements, we are starting to work on some ‘training 101’ videos to help get people up to speed and to provide a stable foundation from which to train safely and effectively.

If you know anyone that could benefit from this information, be sure to get them to like our page and watch for our up and coming “Training 101” posts.

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