Want to squat deeper? Or are you just inflexible around the hip? Then try this..

Most people tend to lack flexibility, I think we all know that. Also many gym going people have been told that the squat is one of the prime movements for leg growth and is touted as being ‘a full body exercise’ (because it targets more than the thighs, by involving your core, your lower leg etc.),.. go try some and you will see why that is. So what does flexibility have to do with squatting? Well if you want to squat correctly – meaning squat deep with good technique, then flexibility is of utmost importance.

One thing that many people may fail to realise is that to get good range of motion in the squat, without needing to have your heals raised on plates or without needing to resort to excessive hip flexion, then you need to be flexible around the hip (and the calves [the Soleus], which we wont address here). A lack of flexibility will throw your squat out, eg when a pelvis tucks around when squatting deep due to tight hammies.

So I came across Joe Defranco’s video which is a very good start for a systematic approach to freeing up those hips. I personally need a lot more hamstring work than this, but it will get you off to a very good start.

Check it out, I highly recommend it.


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