WBFF Competition: Watch Nate Compete!

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WBFF Competition: 12th April 2014 at Sydney Olympic Park – Convention Centre!

Guys if you have never been to a competition then let WBFF blow your socks off! Basically it is a feast for the eyes! I am sure the line up will be phenomenal and no matter what happens it is going to be a blast! After 12 weeks of dieting and it is crunch time!

In terms of the categories:

For the males there are:

  • Fitness Model
  • Muscle Model
  • Bodybuilder

For the females there are:

  • Bikini Model
  • Fitness Model
  • Figure

Everyday people will relate more to the WBFF then a normal bodybuilding comp. Furthermore the WBFF produce a hell of a show. WBFF has more of a focus on aesthetics in terms of your body, how you present it and stage presence etc.

Sound good? Well don’t take my word for it, see the videos below:

Top 3 males from London:

Top 3 females from London:



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