What’s in your trolley?

What's in your trolley?

The trolley items on the left were from the Eastside Fitness food shop from this evening and the items on the right were from the lady in front of us.

So let’s make a comparison of the two:

The ideal shopping trolley for a good body composition (the one on the left):

Lean meats, nuts, and vegetables most of which are leafy greens. Basically a paleo shop (true paleo, not BS paleo cakes and crap).

The ‘bad body composition’ shopping trolley (on the right):

Crackers, biscuits, cereals, honey, bread, chocolate ice cream topping. In summary no protein, no veggies and all carbs. This shopping trolley is the ideal shopping trolley for a skinny actor that had to play the role of a sumo wrestler in an up and coming movie, or someone who’s goal was to be a diabetic by the middle of their life.

Moral of the story, you are what you eat and as Charles Poliquin once said “If you want to look like a pyramid, then eat like the (food) pyramid”, in other words eat a diet with a foundation of carbs.

If this trolley looks like your trolley and you are not happy with your body composition and/or your health, then maybe it is time to chat to us and make a life change.

All the best,

The Eastside Fitness Team



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