What’s on your plate this morning?

Photo of dinner plate saying "what's for breakfast"

Eating cereals and grains for breakfast is a very poor way to start the day. Whilst this tends to be an unquestionable tradition for most Anglos, it proves to have a very poor outcome for both your cognitive alertness and body composition.

High carb meals like cereals prompt the body to produce insulin which then has the knock on effect of making you tired and sleepy, which is a poor state for the morning. Switching to a high protein breakfast with high levels of healthy fats, will help you start off the day with steady energy levels and a crisp mental state.

Furthermore recent research suggests that when the body is first given glucose in the morning as a fuel source, it gets locked into wanting to burn glucose for the day (cravings anyone?). Choosing to have a healthy fat/protein breakfast, instead prompts the body to burn fat. From this initial state the body can switch throughout the day from burning glucose (when you eat some carbs) and back to burning fat, a process which has been dubbed ‘metabolic flexibility‘. Our experience both personally and preparing our athletes for competitions shows that this had been a very effective addition in getting athletes leaner whilst maintaining excellent mental alertness.

Want an interesting read check out Strength Sensei (aka Charles Poliquin’s) post here regarding his approach to the most important meal of the day. It is well worth the quick read and also tackles variety.


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