Why being overweight makes you a bitch!

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Ok now that I have got your attention, I will correct the title to: Why being overweight makes you a bitch (hormonally)!

Increasing body fat levels are accompanied by increasing levels of aromatase, which means a hormonal shift to being comparatively more “feminine”. To explain: Aromatase is an enzyme that converts androgens to estrogens and thus by having increased aromatase activity will result in comparatively higher levels of estrogens (dubbed the “female hormone”).

Having more estrogen means that you are comparatively  more prone to developing cancer, but also from a body composition standpoint you are also more prone to fat storage and will also find it harder to lose body fat. It is a vicious circle, more fat, more aromatase, more estrogen, more prone to fat storage and the cycle continues. Hence the title of the post.

To understand this mechanism, at Eastside Fitness we suggest that all out clients have a read of: Know your body: Aromatase


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